Ideas for the perfect home office

In the 21st century it seems we are all becoming “freelance” to some degree. Jobs are less 9-5 and more “all-the-time” with advent of technology that brings work into the home. Personally, I think working from home is a great idea and can really give you a great work life balance so read on as I look at the do’s and don’t’s of the home office.

Most people who work from home yearn for a minimalist, clear sanctum of tranquillity and productivity. While this is an admirable goal, the reality of many home offices is often quite different when you are juggling house work, kids and fido the dog impinging on your office space. The key is to clearly define your office space and protect it like your first born. Keep the space clear of household items, bills, clothes etc and make sure your desk is big enough to house all your gear easily.

If you spend a lot of time working from home, consider creating a separate office space that can be hidden when not in use. I have seen many ingenious solutions that use large sliding doors from manufactures such as Brio to hide large home offices from view. This is a great idea as the office can be integrated into the interior of the dwelling but at the end of the day, hidden completely so you can separate work and home time definitively. Brio makes high quality door hardware that can be customised to suit home office builds of all shapes and sizes in a range of styles to satisfy all tastes.

No matter what field, work can be stressful at times so calming yourself is quite important. If you can, try to position your home office so you have an outlook over nature, foliage or your garden. Natural light is really important to creating a feeling of well-being in humans, so be sure to maximise this in your office. Elevating your office in a loft or attic space can work really well to provide a clear separation between work and home, giving you the best chance of focusing and providing inspiration.

If you have the space and budget, why not move your whole office outside to a dedicated office space in the garden. There are many options from fully customised pods to off the shelf modular “sheds” that give you privacy and real walk to the office feel in the morning. Indeed the shed & office structure is really making a big resurgence of late as it fulfills both work and utilitarian functions for the space poor.