More Tips

Schedule your daily work

You will often find that you work many more hours while you are at home than if you went into the office. If you are on call, you need to find a way to minimise the risk of having to be available to work any time, any day. If you are self-employed you may choose to work far more hours than if you had an in-house job with one employer. However from an all-round health point of view you need to be aware of breaks and getting your proper rest and indulging in recreational activities.

To avoid phone calls and emails without boundaries on your personal time, let your employer know what hours you are not available.

Time management and organisational skills are a necessity for a person to successfully work from home. You also need to be able to display initiative on a day-to-day basis. Not everyone can make a success of this type of work environment.

Avoid invisibility

If you decide to work from home, you will need to make an effort to go to the office for meetings and office functions. You need to maintain the networks you have established and that need to be created to function in your position.

Be social and outgoing

Working remotely means you do not have the connection with people and your work-colleagues that you otherwise would each day. This can prevent you from building workplace relationships and having the chance to meet new people in an office environment. You will ned to be diligent to go from home to have lunch or coffee and a chat with friends or bosses.

Keep your people-skills alive and well.

Phone and have a chat with your co-workers about business, but also about other areas that are happening in their lives.