Study spaces to keep your kids engaged

With exam time looming for many high school students the need for a quite space for study is vital to success. Ideally, a dedicated room would be perfect, however the reality is most homes are simply not big enough to allow this. The compromise solution is to create a study nook in the main area of the house.

You don’t need a huge space to create to productive study environment. Much like Harry Potter, cupboards under stairs can be repurposed into highly functional spaces with a bit of clever design. A desk can be custom made to fit the space with storage above in the form of custom shelving giving ample room for books or study folders. A printer can be easily included in the shelving. The key is to incorporate high quality lighting into the space to avoid eye fatigue and aid concentration.

An inset space also has the advantage of being able to be hidden when not in use. This can solve a lot of tidiness issues, as you can simply close up the doors and hide the mess. Sliding doors or folding doors can work wonders here and can be customised to suit the style of your house. Look for quality interior door hardware by companies like Brio who have been leaders in all things sliding doors and folding doors for many years. Industrial type bottom rolling door hardware can be great to barn door type designs or slimline, invisible tracks look great in more modern interiors.

If you have a little more space to work with, the end of a corridor where you might otherwise place an end table or pot plant purely for visual reasons, can be turned into useful study areas with the addition of some built in bookshelves and desk, with desk lamp and storage. This gives kids an area outside of their bedroom to dedicate to study time – rather than having access to more distractions.

Mezzanines or stairway landings can also be good spots to create personalised space that gives kids peace and quite while not feeling locked away from the all the action in house. These areas are usually blessed with good airflow and natural light and normally only get heavy use at certain times of the day. Being an open space also them perfect for keeping a casual eye on the kids and making sure they are on rather than facebook.